Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Note to the Examiner

To Examiner,

Over the coursework period I have progressively learnt the importance of research & planning and evaluation when creating a magazine. Due to this I have been able to further my skills and construct a final media product that will hopefully fit the standards you are looking for.

Jack Astill.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Finished Cover

Finished Contents

Finished Double Page Spread

Final Magazine compared to Flat Plan

What is easily noticeable when looking at my flat plan and my final magazine is that they are basically completely different. The reason for this being that i disliked the layout of my draft magazine which mostly followed the layout set by my flat plans. Due to this i started analysing further into the layout of The Fader magazines as they are visually appealing to me. They also publish issues about the same genre as my magazine so would have a similar target audience. They are successful in drawing in this audience as they are a well established magazine. These are the reasons why i chose to take a large amount of inspiration from The Fader. Due to this my final magazine isn't similar to my flat plan.

Preliminary Magazine